Welcome to Hotel Kinga  

In our Hotel Kinga we guarantee delicious cuisine, unforgettable atmosphere and nice service.

We offer 80 lodging places in single, double and 3- person-rooms with all sanitary facilities, two suites, a restaurant, drink bar, table tennis hall, pool billiard table, tennis court and guarded car park.

We accept all the popular credit cards. Our rooms: all of them are equipped with a stylish and modern bathroom and toilet, fitted carpet and balcony.

The building is prepared for accomodating individual guests, organized groups and various types of events, e.g banquets, company undertakings, workshops, family occasions, weddings.

We wish you a nice stay!

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Our hotel is located among pine tree forests of the Jurassic Landscape Park lagging 25 kilometres away from Częstochowa, 70 km from Katowice and 90 km from Cracow (see the gallery)

A tourist will find here peace and wonderful microclimate of pine tree forests and, in the neighbourhood, a picturesque landscape with a rich unique flora, rocky hills, outliers and numerous carst caves as well as picturesque ruins of medieval castles on the so-called Route of Eagles' Nests in Olsztyn, Mirów, Bobolice and Ogrodzieniec

We offer our guests wonderful summer and winter relaxation. We guarantee delicious cuisine, great atmosphere and nice service.
On our hotel's premises one can find a restaurant, drink bar, table tennis hall, pool billiards table, tennis court, barbecue alcoves and guarded car park.
We also assure access to wireless Internet